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Basant Utsav Celebration
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Dattatreya Jayanti
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Samadhi Divas
Basant Utsave has been described in ancient Sanskrit treatises as the spring festival signifying the onset of Basant Ritu (spring). It is time for the north of India to wake up from the slumber of the winter chill. Nature regenerates and everything seems fresh and new. Mustard flowers bloom and the cool morning air is laden with a faint aroma of mango blossoms. There is a riot of colour every where. The Utsav falls on fifth day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Magh (Jan-Feb). Many Hindu legends are associated with the festival but it may come as a surprise to know that not only Hindus but Muslims too celebrate Basant with a lot of verve and festivity. The Sufis of the Chishti order celebrate this day as a festival of flowers.

Every year Sai ka Aangan wears a festive look on the day. The reverberation of the shennai greetes people who came from far and near for the darshan of Sri Sai. There were exotic flowers, magnificence and vibrancy in every nook and corner. Indoors and outdoors everything at the Sai Ka Aangan seems to have dipped in a heady mix of yellow, saffron and green deeply merged in the heart and soul of nature.

The volunteer female sewaks at the temple dress in traditional attire with mehndi in their hands while volunteer male sewaks in kurta pajamas with colourful turbans cheerfully greet all who come for Baba's Darshan. All devotees were traditionally greeted at the temple entrance with kumkum, moulis, Gajaras and a splash of floral ittar.

Every year on the day the program starts in the evening with obeisance to Maa Saraswati by lightning of the lamp by Guru Ji Sri C.B Satpathi. Maa saraswati possesses the powers of speech, wisdom, learning and fine arts and is worshipped for spiritual enlightenment. She is believed to illumine the whole world with light and dispel the darkness of ignorance.

With the guidance of Guruji Sri C. B Satpathi, a panorama of diverse cultural activities is organized in the evening. Eminent and acclaimed artists in the field of music and dance are invited for the cultural feast.

A sumptuous layout of Guru Ka Langar concludes this spectacular annual event bringing elation and fulfillment to all.
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