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Ram Navami Celebration
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Dattatreya Jayanti
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Samadhi Divas
Ram Navami at Sai ka Angan
Significance of the Day

Sri Sainath is known by many names, one of them is ‘Sairam’. Hinduism or for that matter the Indian Society accepts Sri Ram as the ‘Maryada Purusha’ - the epitome of noble values. Sri Rama sacrificed everything to upold the honour of his dynasty and race, to fulfill the promise of his father Dashrath, and devoted heart and soul for the welfare of kingdom and its subject. Sri Sainath could be compared with Sri Ramachandra in all these qualities. He was an epitome of compassion and kindness. His main concern of life was His devotees. On the one hand, He used to bless them and cure their material, mental and spiritual afflictions; on the other hand, like a concerned mother He used to cook food and serve to all the devotees and animals present there. At times He would be found singing bhajans with them or even playing with children like a young boy. He used to address His horse as His son. That is why Sainath is also worshipped as Sai Mother, though He was in the State of ‘Poorna Bramha’. He had taken Avtaric form and often used to say that He would be born again and again till all His devotees get liberated. For these reasons only He has been aptly hailed as ‘Sairam’

There is no definite information about the date of birth, place of birth and early childhood of Sri Sainath. Sai Baba never disclosed anything about His place and date of birth as He Himself had only said that He was born out of Brahmaand Maya. Therefore, on the holy Ramnavami Day, Sai Baba’s Birthday is celebrated at Shirdi and elsewhere, with great devotion and fervour. And the devotees chant with lot of emotion and devotion

“Sai Raham Nazar Karanaa
Bachchon ka Paalan Karanaa”

Which means –‘Sai, please cast your merciful glances at your children and take care of them’.

It is the duty of all of us, the children of Lord Sai, to keep up the noble values Sai Baba stood for. They are mutual co-existence, amity with all religion, love and compassion for all living and non-living beings so as to realize Sai-Chit-Anand.

Ram Navami Celebration-2008
Sai Ka Aangan

Since the year 2007 Sai Ka Aangan is making an endeavor to celebrate Ram Navmi precisely as described in The Holy Sai Sacharitra, as in Baba's time.  Ram Navmi  at Sai Ka Aangan begins with Palna Sthapna chanting of the Divine name of “Shri Sai Ram” as we celebrate the day of Lord Rama’s Divine appearance. Every year Sai ka Aangan celebrates the day with utmost devotion and ecstasy. Devotees of Shri Sai Baba congregate at the mandir in large number for this very auspicious event.

07.30 A.M. – 10.00 P.M.
Friday April 03, 2009
07.30 a.m. Palna Sthapna
08.00 a.m. Kakad Aarti
08.40 a.m. Chandan Utsav and Dhwaj Puja
09.30 a.m. Ghat Sthapana and Hawan
1.45 a.m. Baba ka Mahabhishek
12.00 Noon Madhyana Aarti followed by
Changing of the sack of wheat kept at Dwarkamai.
Sai Ka Langar
05.00 p.m. Sai Ki Palki
06.00 p.m Dhoop Aarti
06.45 p.m. Bhajan Kirtan
9.15 p.m. Shej Aarti
10.00 p.m. Gopal Kala
Note: From Ram Navami onwards Dhoop Aarti will be at 6:00 PM
Sai ki Palki on every Thursday at 6:45 PM
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